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Dreams: Fighting or clinging

In the eyes of many people our generation may look careless, reckless, spoiled, etc. That may be the case with some, but not all. I just think there are people who concentrate on surviving, having a house, clothes on their back, protecting their family, etc. and then there are people who ask what is the point of having those things to begin with if you aren't even happy...In this world you are either fighting for your dream or you are clinging to someone else's. There are different levels to life. While one person sees independence as being able to pay for everything on your own the next person feels like no matter how much money you make if you are clinging to another person's dream then you are a slave and can never be independent. Why should we give up our happiness to follow the path of those before us? Why is it worth being miserable just to look responsible? Is it truly responsible to give up on your dream? Thinking about the now it may look that way, but now that we live in a time with cars, planes, cell phones, etc. If the people who invented these things were what was considered responsible during their time then it would be highly irresponsible for them not to create these amazing inventions we use every day. Those who change lives and help people are the very ones who took the responsibility of following their dreams and doing more than just putting a roof over their head and clothes on their back. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but when people step outside of what is normally considered "responsible" for the purpose of following their dream I see that as a huge responsibility, because they have to push beyond their fears, doubt and the unknown and they are doing something that will make an impact on the world(regardless of it being a big or small one) rather than being a cog in the wheel and not making a significant impact.

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