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If I had powers

If I had special powers:

I would have void abilities, open up a void of no human existence and stay there forever by myself.

According to my dreams I have Spacetime abilities. I could stop time, go through time, go through dimensions, go to alternate existences of a timeline and alter reality(including creating things). I could also fly(sometimes with wings and other times without, but it took a lot of energy without wings. My wings were black when I transformed from anger, fear etc. They were white when I transformed out of love, protection, etc.). I had immunity from becoming a vampire, lycan or zombie. My left eye would turn red when I was extremely angry and I would have powerful red energy blasts. When the anger takes me over a red pattern begins to appear on the left side of my face and my left arm. The furthest it got was when I basically destroyed the whole earth trying to kill just a few people(that's how much control I lacked when I was angry), so idk if it could eventually cover my whole body. I'm supposed to be part angel and I have a sister and brothers that are demons, so I guess i'm part demon too. I can see into the future and sometimes the past. I can read emotions. Sometimes I can tell thoughts through the emotion, but it isn't the same as reading minds so I don't know the exact thought and emotions are difficult to fully understand, but it helps to some degree in fights though it is more beneficial in either non-hostile situations or diffusing a hostile situation. I also am supposed to be a grim reaper and I have this ability that takes a lot of energy, but I create a symbol and a bunch of grim reapers come out and follow my orders, but i'm usually too weak to really do much of anything beyond tell them what to do when I use it. My abilities are controlled and powered by my emotions(So...basically I have very little control when it comes to them) and I am strongest and have certain abilities that are specifically for protecting people and/or being a martyr.

I still like the void abilities though.

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