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Just cause i'm black

why is it that the majority of so called conscious black people always try to force you to be a certain way. You can't be all pro black saying you love black people, but then turn around & judge them just because they don't do what you do. I can understand selling drugs, killing people & things like that, but the whole "he/she is trying to be white" thing is ridiculous. I honestly feel like it is racist. I should be able to wear whatever clothes I want to wear. If I don’t want to dress like a thug, wear African clothing, etc. then why can’t I still love black people & be loved by them? I mean the people who are supposed to be our “saviours”(conscious people) do the same exact thing to us that the thugs, drug dealers & killers do. They outcast us, say something is wrong at us & “throw stones” just because we choose not to act & dress like them. I mean lets be real. When Tech N9ne was first coming up he wasn’t getting support for his music like he should have been from black people. He started making a lot of sales & it was mainly white people & he had a crap load of black people on his back saying he sold out blah blah blah. So was he supposed to give up his dream just because he was black & black people weren’t supporting him?! That is some BS. I mean think about it. All the independent black artists that never make it are so concentrated on not turning their back on black people that they spend all their time & money trying to promote music to people who are never going to support them unless they become big. It shouldn’t matter the skin color of who is buying your music. If people are buying it then you need to go to where they are. I refuse to give up on my dreams, because I am black & I am supposed to confine myself to black people. They never turned their back on anyone cause they were black. They turned it on the people who turned their back on them. It is the same with black people moving into a mostly white neighborhood. I mean am I supposed to deny my children of great things in a life & a good education? Am I supposed to live in a neighborhood where I could get shot, stabbed or robbed everyday? Am I supposed to have to worry about getting jumped cause someone got mad at me over something stupid? Am I supposed to want to be around people who talk in a way I find disrespectful every day & when you say something they get mad like you were out of place for asking them to stop talking to you like that and they are ready to fight? Am I wrong for being tired of people trying to jump in front of you in line instead of politely saying “you were here first”? In an area where you have to be ready to fight for your place in line or people will keep jumping in front of you & you will never get to the front of the line…Am I supposed to want to be around people who are negative all day long? So negative that it is like you drown in darkness everytime you step outside just because I am black & I am supposed to stay around black people. People want a better life. You shouldn’t have to live a crappy life just to be “loyal” to your race.

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