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Art comes with opinions

Thank you wonderful friend for giving me this insight. I wanted to share with you what she told me along with some thoughts I have. Everything that someone likes will be hated by another. Everyone has their own opinions. As an artist you can't let the opinions of others get to you. This is your art and your heart. Express it the way you see fit. Even if it seems like the whole world is against you. The point of art is not to make everyone love you, but to express yourself in your own unique way. If you do what everyone keeps telling you to do(which is impossible cause everybody tells you something different & they will never be satisfied) then it takes who you are out of and is no longer art. Watch out for the people who try to say their opinions are fact. The things they say tend to hurt the most, but it is only an opinion. The only fact that exists when it comes to your art is what you feel in your heart

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