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Just Like You Remix Lyrics


[Just like you- Joyner Lucas Chorus]

Verse 1

1. I don’t wanna be a doctor, accountant, lawyer or none of that

2. I just want to be an artist spilling my heart on these tracks

3.I know I might not ever make it or even be known

4.or ever make a hit that’ll have my name blown think I’m just wasting time and need to grow up don’t see how sick I am…no throw up

7.think I don’t give a damn, but you don’t see the stress

8.don’t understand the failures that seem more than test

9.or this hurt to chest every time I push my limits

10.but life won’t show me change…could swear it was timid

Verse 2

17. .I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck trying to get by

18. .I don’t want to spend my days getting drunk and getting high

19. .I don’t want to spend my nights at parties feeling like revenant

20. .wake up later and find out I got a random chick pregnant

21. .gotta take care of a kid by a crazy baby mama

22. .even though I’m chill she always gotta bring the drama

23. .stay faithful… but she still cheats anyway

24. .she don’t love or respect me…but I still stay

25. .I just want to be a good man…with a good heart

26. .I just want a wife that loves me and I can share my art

27. .I just want to be happy with children I love dearly

28. .I just want a woman I can love… and hold near me


33. .I don’t want to be…I don’t want to be…(x4)

Verse 3

37. .I really want to be more…I dedicate my soul to it

38. .I want to be an inspiration…to those going through it

39. .I want to be an artist, whose words make a difference

40. .from the world’s judgement…I want to be your deliverance

41. .ain’t trying to be no golden child…or live as a super hero

42. .I just want to give you worth when you feel like zero

43. .I want to give you love when you feel the world hates you

44. .I want to give you freedom when you’re trapped by a label

45. .I want to show the world what Hip Hop truly means

46. .I just want to be me….

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